Make the right choice for your new home. Abbott Builders, located in North Lakes, is a leading team of custom home builders helping people across Brisbane’s northside, southside and the Sunshine Coast to make their dreams a reality. With extensive experience, deep understanding of what our clients want, there is no better partner for home builders anywhere in SE Queensland.

Choosing the right company is an essential part of building your house. Abbott Builders offers our clients the benefit of four decades in the construction industry, paired with a creative, flexible and budget conscious approach to the design process that ensures that we can release any vision. Whether you’re planning for the future or looking for a place to put roots down, let our consultants help you refine your vision into a reality.

What are custom built homes?

We specialise in one off designs to tailor to your personalised tastes and requirements. Custom built homes are a custom home and design solution. It’s designed to suite your needs and tastes as well as land suitability, incorporating all that you require, we build to your listed design. We are able to do everything in house from council approvals, certifications, soil tests, preliminary plans down to completion of construction. Based in North Lakes in Brisbane’s northside, Abbott Builders make it easy for people across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to get the knowledge and support they need.


Achieve your ultimate goal and home with Abbott Builders, our customised builds set our abilities aside from the rest of Queensland’s builders, from experience to know how to recognition of individual style and taste, there is no built we can’t complete. From sloping blocks to narrow frontage to flat homes to acreage, we can achieve it for you at Abbott Builders. Enquire today to find out more.